Statement of Faith

We believe that Ask and Embla, the first humans, were granted by Odin and his brothers, Vili, and Vé the gifts of breath (Önd), of hugr, and hamr respectively, and that we are their descendants and possess those same gifts.

 We as heathens believe in the gods, in their many variations, that descended from the Indo-European tradition. 

We believe in the landvættir (Land Spirits) and acknowledge that the world around us is populated by these spirits and thus we find nature to be sacred. 

We believe in living in peace and harmony with others, as much as possible. We call this “frith”. We believe that we are accountable to ourselves, our peers, and our ancestors, so good conduct is expected amongst the men and women of our community.

We believe that our souls are not singular, but are composed of many parts. We believe that we possess a hamr (the appearance of life, the animating principle), hugr (thought or will), a fylgja (an independent spirit that is tied to us) and hamingja (another spirit that is tied to us, potentially an ancestor, that decides our luck). We believe that our hamr dissipates upon death and leaves us, that our hugr passes on into the appropriate afterlife (dictated by our manner of death and, in certain instances, how we were in life), that our fylgja passes on as well, and that our hamingja is inherited by our descendants. 

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