Shrine Offerings: Freyfaxi 2019

Much like every other subject, there is always going to be much debate in the Heathen community centered around historically accurate holidays as observed by the arch-heathens and how we should observe them today, but we must realize that the information available that pertains to specific holidays and how they were observed is severely lacking. Being left with the choice between not observing any sacred days at all because, well, we just don’t know, or modernizing our practices to fit the world we live in we, as a kindred, chose the latter. The calendar below is the best one suited for our hearth as it allows us the time and space to celebrate our sacred holidays alongside those in our families who may not be Heathen – as we believe that family, above all other things, must be first.

  • Yule: from Mothers’ Night, sunset on the 20th of December, until sunset on the 1st of January.
  • Dísablót/Charming of the plough: January 31st- February 1st.
  • Ostara/Sigrblót: . Weekend including the first Sunday following the Full Moon occurring after the Vernal Equinox.
  • May Day: May 1st
  • Midsummer: June 21st – 26th
  • Freyfaxi: August 1st
  • Haustblót: September 19th – 26th
  • Fall Finding: October 15th
  • Winternights: October 31st – November 1st
  • Feast of the Einherjar: November 11th
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