Declaration 57


We at Thunor’s Folk Kindred do not condone or support discrimination of any kind against anyone based on race, gender, sexuality or nation of origin, therefore, Declaration 57 should not be used to defend said practices. We do, however, support civil discourse and the free exchange of thoughts, opinions, and ideas. “Man by his speech is known to men”.

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“Brandr af brandi

brinn unz brunninn er

funi kveykisk af funa

maðr af manni

verðr at máli kuðr

en til dœlskr af dul…”

“A brand from a brand | is kindled and burned,

And fire from fire begotten;

And man by his speech | is known to men,

And the stupid by their stillness.”

(Hávamál, Stanza 57)

As it is found within the Hávamál, all heathens of honest heart are called to stand in defense of debate, diversity of opinion, and the free exchange of ideas, and to stand against coercion, censorship, and other practices that rob of us of the benefit of free and open collaboration- and the benefit of public examination and cross-examination of diverse opinions and ideologies- as well as all organizations that perpetuate these amoral practices.

As fire is begotten from fire, and those fires unite and burn brighter and hotter, so too do ideas grow and prosper when shared and discussed. As fire burns away the most flammable material quickest, so too does discussion and debate burn away harmful and detrimental ideologies.

It is our belief that promoting open and honest discussion, devoid of modern political concepts or agendas, is one of the most important positions in order to promote and keep Frith within any community – and it is for that reason Declaration 57 is presented.

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