Cults in American Heathenry

Within the world of Heathenry, the word “cult” can have two different definitions, but the intention of this article is to bring awareness to a specific definition and so I will briefly explain the differences between the two and then focus on the intent of this post. Cult: “A system of religious veneration and devotionContinue reading “Cults in American Heathenry”

The Symbolism behind Ragnarok

I think Ragnarok gets compared to the Christian concept of Armageddon, and that’s a mistake. You see, threats of end times and promises of salvation are very much Abrahamic concepts and, quite frankly, are designed to make it easier to rule over a people and are opposite of what the Heathen worldview is. We don’tContinue reading “The Symbolism behind Ragnarok”

Beards in Heathen Culture

If you spend any amount of time in Heathen groups on Facebook, or really on any social media platform, a conversation that’ll at least be brought up and made to be controversial is the beard (Old Norse ‘skegg’) in Heathen culture so I thought I’d add my two cents’ worth. It’s important to note thatContinue reading “Beards in Heathen Culture”

Honoring Your Ancestors

Any time you’re around a group of Heathens, whether online or in person, you’re bound to hear someone reference “The Ancestors”. Sometimes during a blót or sumbel, one might raise a horn and shout out a hearty “hail the ancestors!” in a form of toast, or you might see a meme on social media platformsContinue reading “Honoring Your Ancestors”