Who We Are:

TFK Yule, 2022, Bastrop TX.

“We find here a community based upon general unity, mutual self-sacrifice and
self-denial, and the social spirit. A society, in which every individual, from birth to
death, was bound by consideration for his neighbour. The individuals in this
community show in all their doings that they are inspired by one passion: the
welfare and honour of their kin; and none of the temptations of the world can
move them even for a moment to glance aside. They say themselves, that this
passion is love”

~Vilhelm Grønbech

Based out of San Antonio TX, we at Thunor’s Folk Kindred are building a positive and vibrant Heathen community focused on the holistic health and spiritual well-being of our members.

We do not discriminate against anyone based on gender, orientation, race or ethnicity.

We promote positive growth within our community by celebrating our lives together, teaching as we learn and giving back to our community. Among other ancient concepts, Frith is one of our most sacred, therefore our actions are to support and preserve that peace that comes from unity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to grow our community and offer Heathens from all over, a place to worship our Gods and Goddesses and honor our traditions together as one people. It is our goal to raise funds to be able to purchase land and build a sacred temple modeled after what is described in Chapter 2 of Kjalnesinga Saga. Our temple will be erected in the central Texas region, managed by Thunor’s Folk Kindred, but open to all men and women who follow our way of life.


Thunor’s Folk Kindred is a Non-profit religious organization, as such, we are solely funded through the generosity of our community. We appreciate all donations no matter how large or small, as every donation is a step towards our goal of a unified Heathen Community.


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